We have been spending a fair amount of time to start 2021 out by repairing solar installations that have been performed by companies clearly not trained nor licensed to do the work they claim they can perform.

Among several code violations, no permits in place, no utility application submitted and not being licensed to perform the work, we found a vent stack (the plumbing pipe designed to vent sewer gas out of your house) cut off nearly flush with the roof and buried under a solar panel. Please exercise caution when hiring a contractor to perform your solar PV installation. Make sure they are licensed to perform the work and carry proper insurance. Consult with Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) on any complaints filed against the company you are about to hire or check local circuit court records and the better business bureau. Focus on Energy has a great tool to search for local installers as well. We are always happy to help you get the system you asked for, we just don’t like it when a customer has to pay twice for that system.